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In 2016, 1.4 million students came to Canada & the USA to study at a post-secondary institution. There are over 5,500 post-secondary institutions in Canada & the USA, some of which don't recruit internationally, or they rely on agents or marketing efforts to find students. If you're looking at growing your international student population,be sure to get in face time with the students and counselors by joining our tours.

Best Areas

Certain countries yield better results than others for certain institutions, have you been doing your homework?. Our staff work diligently to review student interest all over the world. We look at where students want to apply, have applied, and we make fore-casts for where they will apply in the future. If you're looking at venturing into a new area, have been having trouble in certain areas, or you're new to international recruitment, be sure to connect with us so we can help plot a course for recruitment that's based on student interest.

Tour Quality

Our tours are run by Worldwide College Tours staff, who can speak the native language, who understands the complexities of the regions we visit, and who puts your safety first. We keep you busy with 3-4 high school visits every day, a hearty dinner, and  a tour bus full of like-minded individuals. We also help to connect you with counselors who want nothing more than to see their students succeed in life. Be sure to checkout what areas we're going to next.


     There are questions asked by colleges and universities from around North America about how to get more international students coming to their schools. Here's what we do to help!

     We bring all kinds of colleges and universities right to high schools to meet students. We work with both private & public, same-sex & co-ed, religious & non-religious, and bi-lingual & English based high schools. We also look at the high schools study-abroad-rate to ensure we visit high schools who have a general interest in international education, specifically for Canada & the USA.

     Our tours are hosted in Spring and Fall to ensure we meet with all the bright young men and women who are looking at taking their education to a new level.

     Look through our website to see where we will be next. If your college or university wants to join us on our tours, connect with us today!


We pride ourselves in providing the best high school tours

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"Recruiting in Mexico City with Worldwide College Tours was a great success for our admissions department. By attending up to 3 fairs daily, we maximized our ROI for travel recruiting and ultimately connected with more leads than we would have at a traditional fair. Other perks include interacting with school administration and building relationships at their campus."
“I participated with Worldwide College Tours in a tour of high schools in Mexico City in 2017. The tour was my first recruiting effort in Mexico City. The school visits were a good way to learn more about secondary schools in Mexico City, as well as a good way to meet teachers and other staff who have interest in connecting with North American post-secondary schools.”
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