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    Stay in the loop! When you register to attend one of our events we will keep you up to date on all the potential scholarship opportunities for Colleges and Universities around the world.

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    You could receive up to a $3,000 scholarship when you come to one of our events.

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    When you register to attend multiple events, you not only get to meet students but your contact information will also be sent to all guidance counselors in every city you visit.

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Resources for Students

    There are thousands upon thousands of scholarships and resources available to students going to college either domestically or internationally. Over $1,000,000,000 every year is left unclaimed because students either don't know how to find the scholarships or think they don't have what it takes to apply.


    There can be a tremendous amount of trouble locating exactly what you need in order to apply because a lot of scholarships, and available resources, aren't properly promoted or well documented online or even offline.


    When a new scholarship or resource becomes available, we want to be sure everyone who is going through their journey knows about it. When you register to come to one of our events we will keep you updated on all the new and expanding scholarship funds and resources available.


    We have a list of scholarship companies available to students who are needing money in their post secondary journey. Be sure to apply for as many scholarships, that apply to you, as you can because you may have been the only one to apply. They have to give the money to someone. why not let that someone be you!