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    Stay in the loop! When you register to attend one of our events we will keep you up to date on all the potential scholarship opportunities for Colleges and Universities around the world.

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    You could receive up to a $3,000 scholarship when you come to one of our events.

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    When you register to attend multiple events, you not only get to meet students but your contact information will also be sent to all guidance counselors in every city you visit.

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Student Registration

    Register to come to a World Tour! Bring your family, friends, and classmates with you. Look below to see a list of cities we will be traveling to. If you notice we aren't coming to your city, make sure you register anyway.

    When you register, you will be kept up to date on all resources, scholarships, and upcoming tours. 


Does it cost me anything to register?

    Short answer, no. Our events are free for all students, parents, counselors, and coaches.


What if I want to bring people with me?

    If you'd like to bring a sibling or parent with you then fill in the registration form with their information. Only 1 form should be used per family. If a friend or classmate wants to come than they need to fill in their own registration form.


Note: At least 1 student and 1 parent information is required in order to complete the form. Information is required with a *



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